Jumat, 04 Januari 2013

Future Prospect of Trading Penny Stock

Stock is popular trading commodities nowadays. There are various types of them which traded around the world. Penny stock for example is a stock that invested at a relatively low price and market capital, generally outside of the most market deals. You must first learn about penny stocks thoroughly in case you want to make this kind of stock as your trading commodities. You will hear from many people that trading penny stock is a bad financial investment. Many articles also described that these types of shares are usually regarded to be extremely risky and dangerous because of their deficit of assets, small capitalization, large bid-ask propagates, and restricted following and disclosure. Most people who have limited knowledge about trading stock will tell you that investing in penny stock trading is nothing more than speculation. But the fact is that speculators earn money from what they did or else there would be no speculators in this world. 

The theory of supply and demand makes the price or cost of a stock changes periodically. This trend also applied to penny stock itself. Similar to another product in the various markets, the price of a stock is delicate to demand. The areas of fundamental research and technical research analysis endeavor to analyze industry conditions that lead to price changes, or even estimate future prices. There are many elements that influence the need for a particular stock, thus raised the price to a higher level. Possession of stocks is recorded by issuance of a stock certificate. It is a legal paper that identifies the amount of stocks possessed by the investors, and other details of the stocks, such as the par value or the type of the stocks. 

Majority of researches nowadays show that client satisfaction, as calculated by the American Customer Fulfillment Index (ACSI), is fundamentally associated to the stocks’ market value. Stock price may be influenced by analyst’s business prediction for the company and general appraisal for the organization’s general industry section. Yes small cap shares are not for everyone but they can be a practical financial investment technique. Basically, it is a wise decision for new investors to avoid small cap shares such as penny stock, but it can be the best strategy based on your situation and limit of funds.